Maldives is destination for the first batch of certified Angus beef exported

In 2023, Brazilian exports of certified Angus beef grew 68% in volume, totaling 2,800 tons

The opening of new markets is part of the efforts of the Brazilian Angus Association (ABA) to diversify the destinations of Certified Angus Beef. Last year alone, certified Angus beef was exported to 18 countries, with China being the main one with 43% in participation in exported volume (1.2 thousand tons). “We have expanded destinations and, last year, we opened differentiated markets such as Spain, Curaçao, Republic of Dijibout and Republic of Congo”, says the national manager of Certified Angus Beef, Ana Doralina Menezes. Special cuts, with Halal slaughter , target six hotels in the Maldives, including Hard Rock Hotel, Emerald, Shaffan, among others.

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Brazilian exports of Certified Angus Beef grew 68% in volume in 2023, totaling 2.8 thousand tons, compared to 1.8 thousand tons in 2022. 502 thousand heads of cattle were slaughtered, with a yield of 81 kilos of meat per animal. Among the best-selling cuts are entrecot, sirloin, and filet mignon, as well as forequarter cuts.

The Zimmer slaughterhouse, from Parobé (RS), shipped the first batch of certified Angus beef to the Maldives islands, in Asia

What is Certified Angus Beef

The Certified Angus Beef Program, led by the Brazilian Angus Association, operates with slaughter in 45 slaughterhouses, belonging to 25 partner industries, in 11 Brazilian states. In 20 years of the program, more than 5.5 million Angus animals have been slaughtered, 27 thousand participating rural properties, 35 purchasing countries and revenues exceeding US$54 million.
“We have included a select group of premium products for preparing dishes in the most refined restaurants visited by tourists in the world”André Zimmer, director of the Zimmer slaughterhouse
“The Certified Angus Beef Program is a success story, which values ​​Angus genetics, offering certified premium meat to the market, integrating the production chain and generating recognition and appreciation for all links in the livestock production chain”, concludes Ana Doralina.

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