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A Unan Trading elevou mais uma vez o padrão de produtos alimentícios premium com seu último catálogo de junho e julho de 2024. A empresa, conhecida por seu compromisso com a qualidade e a sustentabilidade, oferece uma variedade de iguarias brasileiras sob medida para profissionais de hotelaria. De chocolates artesanais a cortes premium de carne bovina, este catálogo é um tesouro de delícias gastronômicas.

Unan Trading has once again raised the bar for premium food products with their latest catalogue for June and July 2024. The company, known for its commitment to quality and sustainability, is offering an array of Brazilian delicacies tailored for hospitality professionals. From artisanal chocolates to premium cuts of beef, this catalogue is a treasure trove of gastronomic delights.

Premium Beef Selections

Unan Trading’s beef offerings are a standout feature of the catalogue. They source their beef from renowned producers like Zimmer, Verdi, and Guidara, ensuring top-notch quality and taste. The range includes various cuts from several breeds, including:

• Angus and Hereford: Known for their succulent and juicy meat, these breeds offer exceptional flavour and tenderness, perfect for gourmet dishes.

• Wagyu and Cross Wagyu: Famous for their marbling, these cuts provide an unparalleled melt-in-the-mouth experience. The executive cuts like striploin and ribeye, graded by the Beef Marbling Standard (BMS), ensure the highest quality.

• Traditional and Secondary Cuts: For more economical options, the traditional and secondary cuts from well-bred cattle offer superb flavour and versatility, ideal for large events and staff canteens.

Artisanal Chocolates

Chocolate enthusiasts will be thrilled with the artisanal chocolate offerings from Prawer, a brand with a rich history in Brazilian chocolate making. The selection includes:

• Premium Bars: Featuring various cacao percentages and unique flavour combinations like hazelnut, praline with Brazil nuts, and caramelised white chocolate.

• Truffles and Drageias: These exquisite treats come in a variety of flavours, including passion fruit, brigadeiro, and marula fruit, perfect for gourmet desserts and luxurious gifts.

• Gift Boxes: Beautifully packaged selections of truffles and chocolate bars, ideal for special occasions and corporate gifts.

Exotic Fruits and Fresh Produce

For those looking to add a touch of tropical flair to their menus, Unan Trading offers a range of exotic fruits and fresh produce. Avocados, khaki, and mangoes are just a few examples of the seasonal fruits available, perfect for breakfast services and buffet spreads.

Amazon Fish

Adding to its diverse portfolio, Unan Trading introduces Amazon fish such as Tambaqui and Pirarucu. These fish are not only versatile but also rich in flavour, making them an excellent choice for BBQs and buffet settings.

Granolas and Beverages

Unan Trading also caters to health-conscious consumers with their variety of granolas, available in flavours like cacao, zero sugar, and gluten-free. Additionally, their line of instant drinks, including cappuccinos, frappes, and teas, are perfect for staff canteens and guest rooms.

Doce de Leite

No Brazilian catalogue would be complete without Doce de Leite. This caramelised milk jam is available in various flavours, including traditional, coffee, coconut, and hazelnut. It’s a versatile addition to pastries, breakfast buffets, and ice cream stations.

Commitment to Quality

Unan Trading prides itself on maintaining the highest standards of quality. All beef products are Halal certified, and their chocolate products adhere to the traditional artisanal methods that have been perfected over decades. The company’s logistics ensure that all products are delivered fresh, maintaining a strict cold chain from Brazil to the Maldives.

Unan Trading’s latest catalogue offers an impressive range of premium Brazilian products, meticulously curated for the hospitality industry. With their commitment to quality and diverse product range, Unan Trading continues to be a trusted partner for chefs and hospitality professionals worldwide. Explore their catalogue and elevate your culinary offerings to new heights.

For more information, visit Unan Trading and discover how their products can transform your menu.

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